Friday, November 19, 2010

Your "Best" is not always good enough!!!!!

TGIF!!!!!!!!  Like seriously!!
I couldn't be happier to see a new day. Thursday was basically a shit day. :(
Okay so i'm very competitive when it comes to certain things and i hate to loose at such things.
I'm a sore loser but what can i say? Shoot me........Whatever!!! NObody likes to loose!
Like my mother always says ,"Show me a good loser, And ill show you a loser"!!  Now  i don't know about you but Its a definite blow to my ego. Loosing makes me angry. It should make us all angry But we should take our anger out on ourselves  never on your teammates or victorious opponent, unless they won by cheating & you find out.

Not achieving what you want is bad enough already. Which is why i wish people would refrain from saying stupid things like "Oh don't worry, You tried your best and thats all that matters" "Better luck next time" etc etc.... & other similar quotes.
I appreciate the sympathy and all but ummmm Please just shut the fuck up. 'My best' obviously wasn't good enough you retard!! I think people should have their eyes sporked out for such comments. I always do it in my mind!!! Its awesome! lol Yessssss i'm evil.
Sometimes in life you will loose no matter how hard you try. I know this, matter of fact, we should all know this. Loosing is hard to deal with but you just can't win them all. There will always be someone out there who is, stronger, faster, better looking, smarter, more prepared, more talented or just plain better than you.
                                     Such is LIFE!!
                            And i get that but the FACT is
I lost and it was something that i really wanted. & obviously working my ass off was not enough. So i really don't want to hear thats its "okay" because i tried my hardest. It may be ok to you but bear in mind that i let MYSELF down, not just you so excuse me for not being a "good loser". Why the fuck should i be graceful about loosing??! This will only happen if i really didn't give a flying fuck about winning in the first place. In that case i could care less about what comes out of your mouths but if after not getting what i want, I get angry and emotional please think before you talk.
Because i just might snap and hit you in the face with my elbow! & if i do oh well!!

                                                                     Stiff Upper Lip xxx

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