Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas is just an orgy of consumerism! It should be called Ca$hmas!

Alright Christmas is over. It is officially "return the useless shit people got you" day!! I couldn't be any more happy to see Christmas go this year!
Every year its gets more and more expensive! I'm fed up with the insanity that takes over the nation at this time of year! Everywhere you turn there are commercials showing the latest Christmas must have items/ gadgets & presents for our loved ones which hassle most of us into spending large unnecessary sums of money!

The birth of Christ has nothing to do with Christmas anymore and i know its been this way for a long time but its finally slapped me in the face. And what used to be my favourite time of year may just have been ruined. There is more traffic which i hate, im always late and this makes me even more late. There are longer lines everywhere, restaurants, supermarkets etc..... which is more than trying my patience because it takes forever to get through. & worst of all I spend way too much and at the end of the day have nothing to show!
There is also an increase in crime and as result i lost a relative 3 days ago. Gunmen robbed and shot him. As a well known business he has always been a target. He gets robbed all the time but on Thursday, he died unfortunately. Even though we were not very close it still hurts & more so when i think about his family. I can't imagine what they must be going through. It cant be easy to loose your husband/ father 3 days before Xmas.

I'm not an overly religious person and to be quite frank Christmas for me never had anything much to do with Christ. It was always about presents, xmas dinner and getting a break from school. But this year, not even those things are at all appealing to me.
I've come to the sad realisation that Christmas is now just a tool used by the government and those in power to entice people into working all the hours God gives them in the hope of achieving the Christmas dream, which mostly involves a comfy christmassy house and expensive presents.
Therefore this year, i took a stand and refused to give into the orgy of consumerism. I didn't buy anyone any gifts. All of my loved ones got hugs and prayers. These are the things we need most these days!!

I'm not against having a good time and enjoying the seasons festivities. I just wish people didn't do it in excess and remembered and appreciate the real meaning of Christmas!
I think its meaning is what we make it. Christmas shouldn't be about tacky decorations, stupid plastic Santas & presents!!  Lets make it less materialistic and less commercial. Lets make it a time for peace, love, family and togetherness.
                                               MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

                                                                             Stiff Upper Lip xxx

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