Thursday, May 5, 2011

HelloO Im back and with a BANG!

Did u guys miss me and my blogs or what? Assuming you did let me just say I'M BACK!!!!!! :)
OK so I know that i have been absent for some months now. Almost 4 i think. Pretty sure you guys missed me cuz ummm i would miss me. lol & on that note I missed you too.

I just want to take the time apologise for my absence but i've been sick and hence needed a break from eveything and almost everyone. As you all know i'm manic depressive and therefore i need a break sometimes.
I have a mild disorder and am okay (to some extent) most of the time so Its usually only after severe events which cause me to hit rock bottom that i shut down the way i have during these past months.

Something tragic happened.... Actually it was more like a string of unfortunate events and it was too much to bare. Which is all i will say for now But don't you worry i will share the details about my stint as a recluse with you at some point in time but right now i just want you to know that I'M BACK!!
So stay tuned, say goodbye to boredom and prepare to be entertained.       
                                                     Love Sue xoxo

                                                                      Stiff Upper Lip xx

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