Thursday, August 18, 2011

Only losers live in their past.

Denis Waitley said Losers live in the past. Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present towards the future.

How many times has it happened where you unfortunately get stuck listening to some old geezer relive their "amazing" past.
Wellllll for me its been too many times. I have no clue why people almost always feel the need to tell me random shit when its obvious that i would rather spend the time kicking my own teeth in than listening to them yammer on about their good old glory days.

If you're someone who does this, you're lame and i hate you. The truth is, most people who feel the need to bore others with their past are pathetic and unhappy with their present. Yes you know what im talking about, those people who were cool back in the day, living the dream and such, but let it get too much to their heads and of course didnt plan for the future and are now social rejects.

Nobody cares how cool you were back then because you're far from cool now. I honestly dont even have pitty for people like you. Im not sorry  for you. Your future not being as bright as your past is more than likely all your fault so live with it.
And you know whats funny. I find that they always tend to complain about all the people they helped in the past who dont even acknowledge their existence at this point in time. Welll gee i guess being on cloud nine made you fucking blind to the fact that nothing lasts forever, that people are fake and will fucking use you then kick you as soon as your ass is down.

I cant understand why they always hit on girls that are presently way out of their league too, then talk shit and complain when they got shot down. Really homeboy! Really! Wake the fuck up! & stop hating on the so called "hot girls" of today for not being the least bit interested. && No, they are not fake, materialistic bitches who will be sorry. And even if they are get over it. You're just mad because you no longer have what it takes to attract them. You're a loser!!!
Stop living in the past and try to make the best of your present. Life is what you make it. Maybe you can salvage whats left of yours.

The above is the reason why i dont agree with the saying "live everyday like its your last". Thats never an idea to be taken too literal except for those of you who happen to have some sort of incurable disease. Its easier to live one day at a time but with a realistic plan for the future. That way you wont end up being an annoying has been.

                                                                       Stiff Upper Lip xx

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