Friday, September 2, 2011

Thank God for the good days!!

Today i saw some quotes that sparked something epic inside of me.
My friend Marsha had this as her Facebook status.
"Growing up i had many insecurities about myself. Most times maturity comes with age. I've learnt to love and appreciate myself as i become older and more independent. I'm embracing all the flaws as well as my assets. Love and appreciate yourself unconditionally because no one else will."

 And i was reminded that i had this up on Sept 30th 2010.
"I believe in and stand for freedom of expression, doing what you love, and going after your dreams. I often tell people that "I'm too stupid to know what impossible is". It simply does'nt exist to me. I have ridiculously large dreams, and half the time they come true."

I couldn't agree more and this is exactly how i woke up feeling today. It was one of those mornings. I felt i should get up and start living, really living and not just merely existing.

It felt like today should be the day the big "IT" begins, it, as in my life. I keep seeing these inspirations quotes and saying everywhere i turn and i keep having these strange but realistic dreams. Yes i think the universe is trying to tell me something.

Its like the pieces are ready to come together.
Its the second day of September. That's it Summer is over. I loved and will miss the summer but i'm ready for whatever the rest of the year has in store. It also happens to be my favourite time of year now. Sept to January is a magical time. Still not sure why, it could be because it gets much cooler, the days get shorter and we all know how i love those long nights. I come alive at night. Its weird. I don't care much for the daylight and i'm a horrible bitch in the mornings.
Everything always feels slower and calm. I'm always way more relaxed. Its awesome i can already feel it.

I'm not sure about you but i find that the universe has a way of building me up to let me down and its never in a gentle manner. Most of the time when i get to my highest, and feel on top of the world something always goes wrong to of course remind me that that nothing lasts forever and that most of the time, whatever seems too good to be true usually IS!!
But you know what!!!! This time i think i've learnt my lessons. I plan to stay grounded and not allow the positivity get to my head. I always do that. So i figure that its when you lose your head up your ass that the universe plus that higher being feels the need to drag your ass back to ground level / reality and make you acknowledge their presence.
So hopefully by remembering to be thankful and humble the powers in charge will refrain  from fucking me over to teach me a lesson.

I know i wont feel this amazing everyday obviously its not possible. Its me, i'm bound to have days when the world tries to tear me apart. But i welcome them. Challenge accepted.
I'm pretty sure ill overcome and appreciate the days like today even more.

I'm happy and in a great state of mind for the coming season. And no thanks to my little yellow pills. Its all me and all natural.
Life is too short. Its no secret, we all know. But today its even more clear and its scary. I'm ready to let go of all the negative energy and ready to forget all the bad things i've been trough this year. I love this feeling i'm experiencing now and the person i'm becoming!!

Road to enlightenment  and a better me >>> maturity and inner peace >> I'm ready!!  #LETS GO!!

                                                 Stiff Upper Lip xx

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