Sunday, September 1, 2013

You have the right to be thrilled. Im backkkkkk. :)

It's the first day of September. Happy Sunday to you.
This is my first post in a few months and i thought i'd start by wishing everyone well.
Now a number of people have been asking for a new post. Its quite humbling and wonderful actually. The fact that people look forward to my posts makes me so very happy. It warms my heart to know that you guys missed me.
Writing is something that i enjoy and am passionate about. This blog allows me to share my thoughts and opinions but whats also super important is what i write about. I like when people are able to relate to me therefore when i do write something i want it to be heartfelt and sincere and as a result i have been missing in action.

I took the last few months to clear my mind. I tried some new things, picked up new hobbies, read some books, travelled a little and now i'm back.
I started doing yoga and i'm working out more often. I have become way more concerned about my health and what i put into my body hence i've hopped on the "green train". I try to eat as healthy as i possibly can. I have incorporated more water, fruits and veggies into my daily diet. I've also spent a lot of time doing a lot of research about eating clean, thanks to eczema and a number of allergies that i developed recently. So of course i had to cut out gluten and dairy which has pretty much fueled this journey that i have been on.
I also spent much of the time learning about proper hair care and skin care.
I take the time out to go to the beach a lot more, watch the sunsets, smell the flowers and enjoy the simple things in life. Being one with nature is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding decisions we can make for ourselves. And i'm speaking from experience.

I could go on and on but what it all boils down to is that i have made some major changes in almost all aspects of my life.
I have also been on a spiritual journey. And have found myself. I know exactly who i am and who i want to be. And that is what i'm focused on. I'm all about positive energy and inner peace.

So that's pretty much what i have been up to. And why i haven't been blogging.
But i'm back and ready to thrill you to pieces.
                                                                                Stiff Upper Lip xxx


  1. Just seeing this babe. I am super happy that u found urself and congrats on eating healthy. Been trying to do the same myself. Totally agree with u about being one with nature. One of the most rewarding things for me n my babe to just go to the beach or walk up a mountain hand in hand and just BE............... no fones, no worries, no one els,e just the two of us n the sounds of nature, relaxing and breathing. N e ways, looking 4ward to the posts ;-) STAY SWEET

  2. Thanks so much for reading. Thanks for the constant support. :-)
    Happy to know we're on the same path. Happy for you too and i want to wish you even more happiness and inner peace. Keep being awesome. You kick ass at it.
    xxxx :)