Friday, November 19, 2010

Your "Best" is not always good enough!!!!!

TGIF!!!!!!!!  Like seriously!!
I couldn't be happier to see a new day. Thursday was basically a shit day. :(
Okay so i'm very competitive when it comes to certain things and i hate to loose at such things.
I'm a sore loser but what can i say? Shoot me........Whatever!!! NObody likes to loose!
Like my mother always says ,"Show me a good loser, And ill show you a loser"!!  Now  i don't know about you but Its a definite blow to my ego. Loosing makes me angry. It should make us all angry But we should take our anger out on ourselves  never on your teammates or victorious opponent, unless they won by cheating & you find out.

Not achieving what you want is bad enough already. Which is why i wish people would refrain from saying stupid things like "Oh don't worry, You tried your best and thats all that matters" "Better luck next time" etc etc.... & other similar quotes.
I appreciate the sympathy and all but ummmm Please just shut the fuck up. 'My best' obviously wasn't good enough you retard!! I think people should have their eyes sporked out for such comments. I always do it in my mind!!! Its awesome! lol Yessssss i'm evil.
Sometimes in life you will loose no matter how hard you try. I know this, matter of fact, we should all know this. Loosing is hard to deal with but you just can't win them all. There will always be someone out there who is, stronger, faster, better looking, smarter, more prepared, more talented or just plain better than you.
                                     Such is LIFE!!
                            And i get that but the FACT is
I lost and it was something that i really wanted. & obviously working my ass off was not enough. So i really don't want to hear thats its "okay" because i tried my hardest. It may be ok to you but bear in mind that i let MYSELF down, not just you so excuse me for not being a "good loser". Why the fuck should i be graceful about loosing??! This will only happen if i really didn't give a flying fuck about winning in the first place. In that case i could care less about what comes out of your mouths but if after not getting what i want, I get angry and emotional please think before you talk.
Because i just might snap and hit you in the face with my elbow! & if i do oh well!!

                                                                     Stiff Upper Lip xxx

Monday, November 8, 2010

In REALITY most ugly ducklings stay UGLY!!!

As you all know, i cant stop playing Katy Perry's latest album. The song "Not like the Movies" is great, i really like it and can actually relate a little, due to my many failed relationships. But apart from that the song is irritating. She's basically saying that when you find your better half it should be "just like the movies", "cinematic and dramatic". ;-/ The line i find most annoying is "Snow White said when i was young, one day my prince will come so i wait for that date"!!! Really lol well looks like Snow was a big fat liar wasn't she!!

Now, if you're at all anything like me, you didn't spend your childhood watching movies like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.
I never bought into these Fairy Tales, even though i have read and watched most of them. I hated those "perfect, romantic" love scenes and listening to the princesses sing about finding their prince, being saved and living happily ever after. Because (1) I hate musicals and (2) It was always the same kind of scenario, princess in trouble, prince comes and saves her from the bad guy, and then they live "happily ever after". BORING!!! One i do remember reading more than once, is Pocahontas, this one i liked better than the rest because the ending was different, she didn't end up with her prince, he had to leave her. I thought it was great but then they ruined it for me with a part 2, where he went back for her. & the rest was BLAHHhhhhh!!!
Fairy Tales annoyed me from an early age because i've always been a pessimist! And a sceptic, i often wondered why there were never any endings with the princess saving the prince or being self sufficient enough to save herself!!!

Based on "Not like the movies" and other songs like it, it is evident that Fairy tales give girls a sense of false hope and self!! They embed in us an idea that the perfect man is supposed to one day come and rescue us from our pitiful lives. And when it doesn't happen we kill ourselves wondering what the hell went wrong. This is all true. However, not to be a complete Debby Downer, i will agree that on the flip side, fantasies do give us something to believe in, which is lacking these days. They encourage us to use our imagination and help us to practice some kind of faith by believing in things that are real but cannot be proven or seen.

With that said ...... back to my point...... In real life there isn't always a prince or a happy ending!! What most of you don't know is that "Disney" is a liar!!!! The the original stories are far from romantic.
Sleeping Beauty was a rape victim, Cinderella was a murder, Rapunzel escaped using her own wits, the Little Mermaid became sea foam! Trust me i could go on. I've done my research. Disney has cleaned up these tales and changed the endings to avoid dealing with the harsh realities that the originals addressed, which has perpetuated the stereotypes and false realities and SADLY this is actually what pleases the populace. Which is even better for Hollywood, that means more $$$$$ which is all they really care about!!
Don't get it twisted, i really don't mean to sound anti Disney because in truth, i'm not, i still watch and enjoy the movies. I love Shrek.
What i'm against, is their encompassing influence on the modern knowledge of fairy tales. Their versions create too many misconceptions for children. Life isn't black and white, There isn't always a princess in need of saving, bad guys and good guys are never even the least bit defined. Although it would be nice if they were!! Hhmm

All Fairy tales were created to send a message and i can appreciate that. Most of the time the message being that, you should always hope for the best, work hard, believe in yourself and you can achieve your dreams. But what they leave out is that you can only get what life is willing to offer & that "LIFE" can be pretty shitty......therefore expect shit!!! And if you want to pretend that it isn't shit & that it doesn't stink, you are an idiot not an optimist. There is no point in hoping for something you know you will never achieve.

All i am saying is that fairy tales give some of us a skewered sense of reality which makes for bitter disillusioned adults. They build us up to knock us down.
Its best to create your own Fairy tales. Rely on your selves to make your happy endings. Be an optimistic realist!! One who sees that life is harsh but can be good, despite the worst circumstances!!!!! So even if the ugly duckling doesn't become a beautiful swan in the end, life goes on, make the best of it.
Your life will never be perfect, you won't find the perfect man, he doesn't exist, some of us will die alone so don't shoot for happily ever after, getting to "ever after" is hard enough!!   BUT
Before you hang yourselves.......i didn't say the perfect ending is impossible to find.......what i said is that its ALMOST impossible!!!
Someone once told me, not to look for the perfect someone but the someone you can have something close to perfect with.
This i already knew but was happy to hear it from an adult, even if she was just bitter and alone!!
                                                                                       Stiff Upper Lip xxx

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Put Katy Perry's Teenage Dream on your Ipods NOW!!!!

When Katy Perry first grabbed national attention with her 2008 hit song “I Kissed a Girl” she seemed as if she was the definition of a one-hit wonder. But she’s scored several hits since the initial breakthrough, including with her recent chart success of “California Gurls,” track 3 on her recent album TEENAGE DREAM!!  
“Teenage Dream" is a kind of pool-party-pop gem full of SoCal ambience and disco beats. It’s miles ahead of Perry’s breakthrough disc, One of the Boys, with her clever songwriting boosted by top-dollar pros like Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Tricky Stewart & Stargate.
It makes for the perfect sundrenched soundtrack. Although many critics say the album is just lightweight stuff, I think it is a must listen. It has it's charms and has satisfied fans such as myself as I have been blasting it since its release and still can't stop. I love every single track. Most are easy to relate to.

1. Teenage Dream
2. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)
3. California Gurls
4. Firework
5. Peacock
6. Circle the Drain
7. The one that got away
8. E.T. (Futuristic Lover)
9. Who am i living for
10. Pearl
11. Hummingbird Heartbeat
12. Not like the Movies

I definitely have my favourites on the album.  "Circle the Drain”  which is aimed at her ex, Gym Class Heroes’ frontman Travis McCoy. She  condemns his excessive use of drugs and the role he wanted her to play in their relationship, “Wanna be your lover, not your fucking mother… Had the world in the palm of your hands but you fucking choked.” I relate well to this one. “Pearl” a good song, comes close to a touching story (reflecting on a crumbling character who is in a suffocating relationship, only to reveal that the character is—surprise—her). She simply wants us to know that we can get out and move on to a better place in life as she has, with fiance Russell Brand.  "Who am i living for" and "Firework', an inspirational upbeat song. 
To be honest the first time i heard firework i cried, it was exactly how i was feeling at that point in time. Which made me a little jealous of Katy. Sometimes i get jealous of artists because they have the ability to describe my feelings better than i can. 

What i like about Perry & what continues to separate her from her contemporaries isn’t her sound but her hands-on approach to the actual songwriting behind her albums. With Teenage Dream there isn’t a single track where she doesn’t receive a songwriting credit. No matter where you stand on any other aspect of the album, she should definitely be praised for that. 

I give it a 4 out of 5. DO YOUR-SELVES A FAVOR!! Give the album a listen, i promise you wont be completely disappointed. 
However, if you don't like it, oh well
                                                                             Stiff Upper Lip xxx