Friday, October 29, 2010

A Town to Avoid

Have you ever heard of "Gossip Town" on the shore of falsehood Bay, where Old Dame Rumour in rustling gown keeps travelling the livelong day.

It's not too far to Gossip Town for people that want to go, the idleness train will take them down in just an hour or so.

The Thoughtless road is a popular route and most folk start that way but its a steep down-grade and if you don't watch out, you'll end in Falsehood Bay.

You slide through the valley of Vicious talk and into the tunnel of Hate, then crossing over the Add to bridge you walk through the city gate.

The principal street is called "They Say", "I've heard" is the public well and the breezes that blow from Falsehood bay are laden with "don't you tell".

In the middle of the town is Tell Tale Park. You are never quite safe while there, for the owner is Madam Suspicious Remark, who lives on the street Don't Care.

Just back of the park is Slanderers Row, "Twas there that Good name died, pierced by a dart from jealousy's bow, in the hands of Envious Pride.

From Gossip Town, peace long since fled,
But trouble and grief and woe and sorrow and fear you will meet instead, If you ever care to go.

At age 10, i found this poem in my Uncle Paul's bag, which i don't think i was suppose to be in. But it doesn't matter now because reading this totally captivated me. It changed my life and kept me out of a world of trouble.
I've always loved this poem and just thought id share it, with the hope that it will get the attention & serve as guide for some other pre teen or teenager somewhere out there.

                                                                                              Stiff Upper Lip xx

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