Thursday, October 28, 2010

My HANDBAG can save your LIFE!!!!! CAN YOURS??

I have always had an obsession with oversized  handbags, which have become a popular fashion accessory these days. The bigger the better is what i've always said. Whether it is the Hobo, the Cross Body bag, the Satchel or the Shoulder bag. The more compartments they have, the more they can hold and the more excited i get.
I rarely carry around clutches & only when the occasion or outfit requires it. As odd as carrying a tiny clutch makes me feel, they also serve an important purpose as there are certain outfits that i'll never pair my oversized bag with, Such as an evening gown, or any kind of evening wear or a sexy cocktail dress, wellllllllllll TBH, it can look great with a sexy little dress if paired correctly BUT remember, it depends on the dress and the occasion. Thats just my opinion though.

My bags are always packed with the very necessary as well as the very very unnecessary. As a result i'm constantly teased that my bags are "too big for me, making me look even more midget like than ever". Oversized bags do make us look smaller. It's a fact! They have a minimizing effect on our bodies and for most women, thats a good thing or possibly even a blessing. :-)
But get this, the same friends who are always having a laugh at my expense always acknowledge the fact that my need to carry around a BIG, heavy bag of junk is extremely beneficial to them. Whether its asking me to keep their things so they don't lose them or borrowing something that they need but couldn't be bothered to bring themselves.
Its even better if you have children or a husband!! Once again, your handbag becomes the receptacle for not only your essentials but theirs also, which could include diapers, wipes, functions as a diaper bag but doesn't scream look at me, i'm somebody's tired mom..... toys, chewing gum, candy, wallets, tablets, left overs and whatever else their pockets cant hold.

Never the less my friends always seem a little curious and unable to understand why i cant function without my giant bags of goodies.
Being the pessimist that i am, i'm almost always prepared for the worst because what ever can go wrong WILL go wrong. Therefore, I have the vital items of course, 3 different sized band aids, neosporin, nail polish, alcohol swabs, a nail file, a small bag of potato chips, an umbrella.... always, painkillers, straws and etc etc. You never know what you may end up needing on the road!!!

Apart from their carrying capacity, there is just something beautiful about large bags especially authentic designer totes!!!!! I have a special love for them. I think they're just designed to be really cool. I love how they look with mini skirts and heels, but they'll look just as good with what ever you decide to pair them with.

BUT what most women really need to know is ...........Your handbag and its contents can save Your life as long as you know how to use it!!!!!!!!!!

Yes ladies thats right. There are a number of handbag essentials that can help save your lives if used properly.
*Travel hair sprays/ breath sprays/ deodorant sprays / insect repellent sprays.
These can be used as a substitute for mace.

If for some reason you end up stuck in a bathroom or need to write a discreet SOS message to someone but you have no pen. You can write the message toilet paper or a napkin with the lipstick.  It also serves as a handy sunscreen if you find yourself at severe risk of burning.

*Tampons / Sanitary napkins
Both great to use as pressure pads for any injuries. Most commonly used to stop nose bleeds, as they are super absorbent and sterile. Also a great tinder for fires, in case you get yourself stuck outdoors & need to start one.

*iPods / Zune players
Always handy as a low light torch for emergencies.

Smashing a window needs a pointed object and requires less effort than you'd think. Cover your hand with a heavy fabric for example, denim and concentrate on the weakest point, which is the corner of the window.

Locked in somewhere? You can use your change to unlock and unscrew hinges. Larger coins are best when working with flat locks, while smaller coins fit into less bulky fittings, such as crew heads and hinges.

*Mobile phone camera
Camera phones come in very handy, whether you need to snap the license plate number of a dodgy motorist speeding away after an accident or a person you feel suspicious of, etc etc. Fact is they are invaluable.

*The BAG 
Never underestimate the power of your oversized bag itself to fend of attacks. In 2008, 22- year- old  Elizabeth Pettenger held up her bag when a thief shot at her. The bullet lodged in it, saving her life.
You can also use the bag as a weapon. Trust me, i don't think i would appreciate being hit with my bag.

Sooooo there you have it ladies!!! Hope this is helpful!!
& remember your bag like your shoes, will make or break your outfit. Choose wisely and be safe!!!!

                    Stiff Upper Lip xx


  1. I have been educated. Though I did know one and two of them , the others never occurred to me :-)Thank u very much Sue for the info. As always ur blogs are a pleasure to read. And yes Pica Syndrome is very real, had it since i bout 8 or younger, but ppl thought i wud grow out of it :-)

  2. No prob babe. You r welcome!!

    I know its real. Most kids have it but they usually grow out of it. I use to eat soap but only with a pin.....weird.... i would use the pin to scrape little shapes in a bar of soap then eat the parts i scraped out. lol
    You're still alive so it cant be that bad. But be careful!! Its a syndrome that can be dangerous. Im pretty sure you wont eat anything harmful though. :-)