Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decorate your Cooter if you must!!!

The new ways to decorate ones lady parts!!     
                                             What will they come up with next??

VAJAZZLING, is the act of having rhinestones or swarovski crystals applied to ones waxed vagina.
Okay so i know what you guys must be thinking....... that i'm not just a little BUT a LOT late. Well i'm not, i just didn't think the "vajazzling" trend would catch on, on the island, but i hear more and more young women talking more and more about it. I will admit that it is kinda cute but a no no for me. However if you guys want to decorate your privates with little crystals then go for it.

As far as i'm concerned, i don't think our vaginas are that attractive in the first place and any attempt to jazz them up makes it even worse. So Vajazzling my snatch would be like putting blush and eyeliner on my pet dragon. lol
The last thing i want is some dude staring up my cooter during sex, therefore adding accessories, would only attract more unwanted attention, and is the last thing i need!!!!!
Another thing, its not cheap and i am. It can range anywhere from US$50 to $115 and only lasts for about 5 days or even less time due to the friction during sex. Plus i keep cringing at the thought of potential condom tearage depending on how far down the jewels extend AND the ingrown hair situation especially with the glue and crystals blocking new growth. :-/

But whatever, at the end of the day i don't judge and i don't care what you do with your vajayjays. If sparkly bits make you happy then vajazzle away && OH before i forget its not just a" female thing" anymore more, as more men are getting in on the action. Penazzling is catching on. Hahahahahaa i won't get into that!!

VATOOING, is a temporary tatoo that gets spray painted on your lady parts And the most recent way to make your vaj fancy with all sorts of shapes and colours. It costs $115 and lasts for seven days during which you should try to avoid friction.
Vatooing i like much better than vajazzling but i have more important things to spend my money on, like shoes & make up!!!!!
                                                                      Stiff Upper Lip xxx

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